• CareerwitchICT

    Career switch into IT: is it a good idea?

    At the moment there is a wholesale movement towards digitalization.

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  • JoachimDesmetMichaelCookson

    Amandis in the newspapers: Evolutions of the ICT Recruitment market

    Met een beetje begrip van telecom, ERP en Windows kwam je twintig jaar geleden als ICT’er al een heel eind.

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  • BlogCarMillenial

    "So, what color is my company car?" Have you also been recruiting millennials recently?

    The youth of today is not like it used to be. If you have recently been recruiting juniors, you probably know what I'm talking about.

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  • Céline

    Welcome Céline

    We like to welcome Céline Luypaert in our permanent division. She is the first member in the team of Youp Van Rensbergen.

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