Looking for top ICT talent? We can recruit the 'key' candidate for you.

Our way of working

During our partnership to find the IT talent you need, we apply 8 key steps.

intake gesprek

Every time you call on us, we start with an intake interview. One of our consultants will discuss with you the corporate culture of your company, which ICT profile you need and which KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are most important to you.


We then determine the job description and discuss which technical skills the candidate should have, as well as his or her soft skills and level of experience.


From here, Amandis will start the search for your perfect candidate! In the first instance we consult our in-house database. We also search our networks such as LinkedIn and industry contacts and conduct targeted headhunting missions.


When we have found a suitable candidate, we invite him or her for an in-depth interview in which we seek to discover the person behind the résumé.

interview rapport

After the interview you, the client, will receive the CV and the interview report from our consultant. In it you can read more about the skills and motivation of the candidate.


As befits our promise of openness and transparency, we hold a follow-up discussion with both the client and the candidate after each phase of the selection process.


If you wish, we can also organize testing of the candidate. These can be technical or personality tests.

 beide partijen tevreden

Last but not least, if desired, we will assist both client and candidate in their contract negotiations and give advice where necessary. We also monitor the progression of the candidate’s notice period, advising where necessary. This ensures that both parties are satisfied with a new start.