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Why should you work with Amandis?

At Amandis we work hard to fit the right person with the right position. In order to achieve this, we like to invest time in learning from you, the candidate, and from our clients. In this way we can deliver to both parties exactly what they expect from each other.

Easy application for the IT job of your choice

Applying for one of our vacancies has never been easier! Provide an up-to-date CV, upload it to your desired vacancy and hit ‘send’. It’s that simple!

Your CV will then go to one of our consultants who evaluates your profile. We will always give you feedback on your application. If your profile is a good fit, we will start with a telephone call to tell you who the employer is, what they expect from you, their company culture, the positives and negatives ... In short, you will receive full disclosure from us.

In this way you will have time to think about the job on offer. If you are still interested, we will invite you for an interview. Here, we will examine in more detail your technical skills, your soft skills and your motivation.