Top IT talent in an instant

Core values


We work with you as we would like our partners to work with us. For us that means honest and transparent communication, with respect for the agreed deadlines and to continue our efforts until we have found the best candidate for you.


As true artisans, we want to deliver exactly what our clients demand. Every customer is unique and so is our approach: perfectly tailored to each customer’s needs.


With dedication we search for the very best IT profiles that are available for you.


Amandis is not only an experienced recruitment agency, but we are also experienced in IT technologies. Our continuous drive for more knowledge about the IT sector and our open work ethos (one for all, all for one!), is the basis of our success and this works to your advantage.

Locally Grounded

Amandis was one of the first IT recruitment companies to be active within the Belgian market. This means that we know the market like the back of our hand.


At Amandis, we commit ourselves to being honest and open at all times. We commit to make communication between us transparent and not to exaggerate or embellish the facts.


When you work with us, you can be sure that we will always keep to our promises and agreements.


Over the years we have built a strong reputation as a reliable and professional IT recruitment agency. We continue to work every day to build and maintain our good name in the IT sector.