The impact of employer branding on the recruitment of ICT talent

Finding and keeping the right IT talent is a must for the success of a company. Many choose, therefore, to be supported in this process by a specialized recruitment partner such as Amandis. As we search for new talent for our customers, we see first-hand that the perceived image of the employer is becoming increasingly important.

Even before candidates attend an introductory meeting with us, we see that they have already formed an opinion about a potential employer, even if they have limited knowledge about the organization or function at this stage. The image of the company by the end of our meeting will, therefore, play an important role in whether or not the candidate will apply for a job. The number of applicants who respond positively to a vacancy, is strongly linked to the employer branding of our client. For those who invest more in developing an attractive company image, we receive notably more positive reactions from candidates.

In addition to the quantity of candidates, the quality is also influenced. For businesses with a successful employer branding strategy, we will find the ‘white raven’ candidate more often - and faster. On top of that, we notice that these candidates tend to stay loyal for longer at companies with a strong image.


In short, it is important for a company to work on building their image towards potential employees. Make sure, first and foremost, that your current employees are strong ambassadors for your company. Determine an identity and ensure that every employee knows what values you stand for. After all, they are the ‘face of the company’ to others outside of your organization. This is why sites showing company reviews from current and past employees, such as Glassdoor, are becoming increasingly popular.


Secondly, improving the visibility of your company will help ensure that you positively influence your image to the external candidate marketplace. Use different channels to achieve this. The basis is, of course, a professional website and the creation of regular content on social media. Furthermore, you can organize events for customers and partners, or participate in relevant awards events. But you can be even more creative. Increasingly, webinars or employee vlogs are being used in the IT sector. These mediums allow you reach a wider audience in an interactive way and you have more opportunity to enthuse the right talent.

Cooperation with an external partner

Finally, it can help if a company to collaborates with an external partner for the search of new talent. It is important to invest sufficient time in this relationship, to coordinate mutual expectations and to invest in radiating a positive image. As a professional recruitment partner to many ICT organisations, we are ‘the face’ of our customers to the candidate marketplace. When looking for the best talent, we see it as our job to continuously build your employer branding.

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