What is it like to work at Amandis?

We have a number of sayings at Amandis:

- One for all, all for one;
- Deliver what you have promised;
- Everyone is equal before the law;
- Firm but fair;
- Don’t take yourself too seriously;
- Quality and service are paramount; 

- Last but not least, work hard, play harder!

We live by these statements on a daily basis. Our clients and candidates experience this during their collaboration with us, and that personal, no-nonsense and decisive attitude make us a unique player in the recruitment marketplace.

We have a father figure of the company - an Englishman! He has certainly earned his stripes (and grey hairs) after being active for many years in the Belgian ICT recruitment sector. He takes care of our Outsourcing division in the BeNeLux.

Then we have a Recruitment Manager who likes to talk using difficult words (often incorrectly) and makes quite a bit of noise, but has his heart in the right place! He guides the Permanent Recruitment team to bring out the best of their abilities.

The team itself is a mix of people from different backgrounds. One has studied languages, the other strategic management, someone else marketing. To make things even more interesting, each have their own different characters thrown into the mix. Some contribute professionally, others will tell terrible jokes on a Friday afternoon. Some question everything, whilst others will happily give their trust. Some are quiet as a mouse on Monday morning, whilst others are constantly ‘on the go’ for the whole week.

It is a fantastic group actually. Never boring!

So, what do we do outside of the working day? Of course, we work hard but there is also another side of the coin for us.

The whole team will often go to lunch together, and every Thursday lunchtime the sports enthusiasts among us are out running. On Friday afternoon we will sometimes enjoy a ‘pintje’ or rosé. We have already had our first poker evening and the whole team has recently enjoyed a karting competition. If our clients are happy and the team results are good there is an extra special event organised for the group.

In short, there is always something new happing within the team and every day there is something to make us smile, but we are dedicated to our business and work very hard to make all of this possible.

Do you want to join our team? You can! We are expanding our office in Brussels with the following vacancies:

- Outsourcing Consultant (medior)

- Researcher, permanent division (junior)

You can also apply here!