The importance of an efficient recruitment process

As the preferred ICT recruitment partner for many different types of organizations, we know better than most the importance of an efficient recruitment process when it comes to hiring the best talent. Here’s why.

Changing market

The job market for ICT candidates has changed dramatically in recent years meaning that a shift in the approach used to recruit talent has become a necessity. After all, the demand for IT skills continues to increase year after year, while the supply continues to remain limited in comparison.
The outcome is that strong candidates often have several employers competing to hire them, resulting in multiple contract offers. All too often we notice that excellent companies lose perfectly matched candidates because they are working with outdated, rigid and lengthy recruitment process. The attitude of: “If the candidate is interested in us, he/she will wait” rarely proves fruitful in today’s fast-moving talent market.

Power shift

It is important to acknowledge that a power shift has occurred in the ICT labour market over the last few years, and this is a power shift in the direction of candidates. The time when organisations had the luxury of being able to choose from dozens of CVs for a vacancy is a long way behind us. Being too conservative and holding-out for the one ‘white raven’ who will tick every box on a wish-list, will only result in a long search and many frustrations. That is why, in today’s market, it is just as important to recruit based upon personality and attitude, as it is to recruit on experience alone.

Role of Amandis

As an experienced recruitment partner, we can play an important role in optimizing our client’s recruitment processes. We help our clients to look critically at their current processes, we analyze them and formulate proposals to help improve them.
The solutions can be diverse and may range from combining HR and Technical conversations into single interviews; to advising how clients should best present their USPs according to the interests of an individual candidate; to formalising post-interview feedback sessions between all parties; to assisting with delicate contract negotiations. The objective is to help clients put in place an effective hiring process for today’s market conditions.

As Charles Darwin said “It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.”

ICT recruitment is our profession. We understand, first-hand, how the war for talent creates challenges in hiring the best candidates, but we also understand how an efficient recruitment process will deliver better results to your business. Contact us and see how we can help your business adapt to today’s challenges.