• Rol of Amandis

    The importance of an efficient recruitment process

    As the preferred ICT recruitment partner for many different types of organizations, we know better than most the importance of an efficient recruitment process when it comes to hiring the best talent. Here’s why.

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  • My first year with Amandis

    Summer 2017, the summer in which I met Amandis and the summer in which my professional career was put on-track.

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  • What is it like to work at Amandis?

    We have a number of sayings at Amandis:

    - One for all, all for one;
    - Deliver what you have promised;
    - Everyone is equal before the law;
    - Firm but fair;
    - Don’t take yourself too seriously;
    - Quality and service are paramount; 

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  • Welcome Jolien!

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