My first year with Amandis

Summer 2017, the summer in which I met Amandis and the summer in which my professional career was put on-track.

Why did I choose Amandis? Because life is too short for a 6/10 if it can also be a 9/10, because I want to get the best out of myself and because I recognized the same qualities at Amandis.

Honestly spoken, the first working day felt like the first day of school. I wanted to make a big first impression and during my application I had told that I am a real 'goaldigger'. I had to make that happen now.

As a 'newbie' I was welcomed with open arms by my new colleagues. They and the management provided a training program and were eager to get started, just like me.

I took my first steps at Amandis as a Researcher. I was introduced to the IT world, which until then was Chinese to me (and how difficult is it to learn Chinese?). So, the first challenge!
My colleagues explained the IT and recruitment market to me step-by-step, holding my hand along the way.
I supported my colleagues by identifying and contacting qualified candidates for the vacancies of their clients. That is how I learned the core values ​​of Amandis and began to see the strengths of each member of our team.

In this phase, and in consultation with my management, I had set my goals. I wanted to achieve them as quickly as possible. That's how I became a Recruitment Consultant. I now became responsible for my own client portfolio and all of their vacancies. A new step that I would never have taken so quickly without the support of the team around me.

That 'famous' team (see previous blog post) also made sure that I could be myself very quickly.
And yes, I am now the one who can cause some 'nuisance' at any time of the week!

1 year later it certainly seems that I have made the right choice by choosing to join Amandis.
I have learned a lot during my first year, I get the freedom to do what I like to do, and I am fully integrated into our fantastic team.
As a 'goaldigger' I have achieved the goals that I set for myself in the first year and my goals for the second year are in the making. Don’t stop until you are proud!